Based in the hills of Southern Oregon, Surya Care is a farm to product CBD brand built around self-care and relaxation. By controlling all steps of growing, processing, and fulfillment, Surya has created an amazing line of natural and ethically sourced CBD products while also keeping their sources as local and domestic as can be to ensure quality and sustainability.

Lifeform worked with the Surya team to create all initial branding, web, social, and marketing materials in order to execute an impactful launch and to bring a cohesive feel throughout their entire customer experience.

Using warm, comforting tones, mixed with the deep relaxing shades of navy, we brought forth a relaxing feeling of long summer days and beautiful sunset vibes to create a brand and packaging suite that both calms and excites the user for the amazing benefits and experience they will have when using Surya products.

Services Provided:

Ad Design



Tradeshow Design


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