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Blockchain Direct

Tasked with the creation of both a book cover and digital billboard with just a couple days to spare, Lifeform gladly jumped to the task to help with Jeff Peoples’ design and marketing needs for his book concept Blockchain Direct.

The books basis was an overview of the upcoming utilization of blockchain technology within the direct-mailing/marketing industry, and with that we chose to utilize the colors that both represented Jeff’s personal brand as well as the US Postal Service’s red/white/blue colors.

The results were a set of graphics that represented the bold and in-depth approach that Jeff conveys with his business and personal brand.

Services Provided:

Book Title Typography
Background Pattern

Book Cover Design

The final design for the book cover achieves balance by combining the bold colors and shapes that create the main layout with the subtle background with a deep and interesting layout of interconnecting system of lines and dots, representing the depth and complexity of the blockchain structure.

Once the book cover was finished, we immediately jumped into the digital billboard. With a similarly vertical layout, the adjustments to the layout weren’t major. However, the billboard had it’s own interesting issues to address.

(Left) Initial Billboard Mockup; (Right) Jeff in front of live billboard w/book.

Digital Billboard

NASDAQ Marketsite

Creating the digital billboard layout for the NASDAQ Marketplace’s unique layout, with multiple windows within the billboard space, posed an interesting challenge. With precise utilization of spacing, this problem gave way to a great graphic execution using the interesting window gaps to connect the line work of the design.

We also created a subtle parallax animation for the design to create more depth and movement within the image.

Digital Billboard Animation (4x Speed)
Billboard Layout w/ windows shown

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