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True REST Float Spa

Lifeform has had the opportunity to provide a variety of graphic services for the True REST brand and it’s 40+ franchise locations nationwide. As the floating industry has evolved over the past decade True REST has elevated itself as an industry leader through consistent brand experience and services within all their locations, and it’s been our pleasure creating the supporting graphics and designs to help continue their growth & mission.

Services Provided:

Promotional Campaigns

As part of the yearly marketing cycle for True REST’s nationwide spas, Lifeform has worked to curate a graphic style for the brand that conveys the relaxing, calming, and playful experience that the spas provide for their flotation therapy clients.

A majority of the promotions we have created are either for national holidays or large brand-wide sales, and through the use of vibrant colors schemes, smooth/fluid graphic elements, and richly detailed photography, we have put our own twist on these traditional holiday & events to give True REST it’s unique brand style.

Digital/Social Ads

To meet the digital demand of 40+ True REST locations, Lifeform designs a digital toolchest of graphics and ads for all major social platforms.

We’ve also created many background templates and graphics for in-spa use on lobby TVs and for instructional/pricing videos.

Print/Large Format Ads

From posters to postcards, many sizes of print graphics are required for the variety of marketing options that True REST’s franchises utilize. 

Through the use of a custom template/marketing platform, Lifeform creates marketing tools that allow for all franchisees to customize, download, and print through any vendor they choose.

This flexibility creates ease of use and marketing freedom for all their franchises while also maintaining strict brand guidelines.

Storefront Design

To further refine the True REST branding, Lifeform creates storefront designs for many of True REST’s franchise locations. The initial design challenge was to not block light coming into the stores in order to showcase the spa lobbies, while also creating large entrance graphics with the curved elements of their logo.

By using a mix of frosted and translucent vinyl colors we found a great balance of large graphic representation and visibility of the interior spaces to give True REST the graphic solution they needed.

Working with multiple municipalities and cities signage regulations is always the challenge in ensuring brand cohesion for storefronts and signs. By utilizing industry standard vinyl options and strict sizing specifications True REST effectively achieves brand consistency for all spas, regardless of signage restrictions and fabrication methods.

Vehicle Design Wraps

To create interest and grow their local marketing efforts, many True REST franchises utilize vehicle wraps as a great mobile billboard option. Whether a sleek sports car or bulky minivan, the smooth flowing lines of the brand go great with many vehicle outlines to create amazing and bold results.

Crossover Vehicle Wrap
Minivan Vehicle Wrap

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