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Consumer Health Summit

Consumer Health Summit is a bi-annual meeting of leaders and entrepreneurs within the health & wellness industry. The event has taken place near the base of Camelback Mountain for many years, and the event’s creator & host wanted new creative materials to reflect this unique location.

With this need to elevate their event presence, Lifeform was approached to create their main event book as well as the supporting event collateral.

Services Provided:

Book Design

The core project for each event is the directory book as it’s the largest print item and needs to be started first. 

The cover design is the first element that is created for the book, and this graphic is then the basis of all other event collateral. For each events we’ve designed for thus far, a focus on the Camelback Mountain backdrop and mountain/summits in general have been our core design focus and reference.

Color schemes, graphic elements, and fonts are then applied to create the interior layouts for the book. Subtle use of the sky background and different variations of the mountain graphics create a unique layout style that gives each page life and style.

Event Collateral

A variety of print pieces are required to bring this event together. Whether it’s lanyards for the in-person attendees or tape for the boxes that are sent to virtual guests, the CHS event branding is used in many formats to create a cohesive event experience.


Whether large or small, the designs for CHS offer a rich and colorful backdrop to everything that they are printed on.

Past Cover Designs

Each event offers a new experience to try different things. Here are a few of the previous CHS covers that showcase a variety of graphic styles and approaches. 

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