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Ethereal Wellness & Esthetics

Ethereal tasked us with updating and refining their brand system to match many of the recent cosmetic updates within their spa. We worked together with the spa owners to create a new look that represents the cleanliness and light, playful atmosphere that they always aim to achieve in spa.

Their services range from standard pedicures and manicures to full medical treatments for hands, nails, and feet. This heightened level of service is what also elevates and sets them apart from many standard nail spas. Our solution to represent this level of care and service was to create a professional and calming identity system to attract all types of clients.

Services Provided:

Brand Development

Taking inspiration from many of the curves and flows of the human body was our main guiding force to represent the 3 main categories of Ethereal’s spa services (hands, feet, & massage) within the new Ethereal icon. The outreached hand, spine curve, and foot arch all have similar flow which is represented by the base line of the hand icon. The fingers of the hand represent the main service type of the brand; hands & nails. 

The wordmark combo utilizes a thin script font to match the flow and thickness of the hand icon. It’s wispy and elegant style staying true the the “ethereal” feel of the spa itself.

Once the logo was finalized, our task was to begin developing a full brand system, including many in-spa items for clients and employees. Business cards, mugs, mousepads and notepads we’re among the multiple items created for the brand.

Site Update

The new logo and colors were effortlessly updated on the Ethereal site to continue a cohesive brand experience throughout all platforms.

Previous fonts used on the site, specifically Playfair and Montserrat, were also brought into the new brand system in order to match what was already in place. These small design choices allowed Ethereal to define their font styles without the need to change many of the elements already working for them.

In Spa & Point of Sale

A major requirement of the brand update was to bolster their point-of-sale collateral and gift bags.

Refining these physical pieces brought a higher perceived value to overall customer experience and created many new touch points for clients to view the new branding.

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