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Surya Care

Based in the hills of Southern Oregon, Surya Care is a farm to product CBD brand built around self-care and relaxation. Surya has created an amazing line of natural and ethically sourced CBD products while also keeping their sources as local and domestic as can be to ensure quality and sustainability.

Lifeform worked with the Surya team to create all initial branding, web, social, and marketing materials in order to execute an impactful launch and to bring a cohesive feel throughout their entire customer experience.

Services Provided:

Brand Development

For Surya’s logo design, we had to utilize & update a previous icon that had been shortly used by the brand. This logo evolution/update helped set a direction and allowed us to use the best elements from the previous version.

With graphic elements representing the sun, the liquid CBD oil, and the yogic pose/form of the center logo, this mark truly showcases all steps of the Sun To Soul process that Surya has based it’s company on.

With the branding and colors set, further brand tools and merchandise were created to bring the Surya brand to life. Using hemp tees and recycled paper stock helped further refine the brand aesthetic & showcase the eco-friendly practices that the brand stands by.

E-Commerce Site

A full website and shopping experience was also a major requirement to bring the Surya brand to life. Lifeform created a beautiful and color-rich site with help from the glowing and vibrant imagery that sets the basis of the brand itself.

The site was built within WordPress utilizing WooCommerce’s platform for a fully customized & branded shopping experience. With fluid & responsive transitions from web to mobile, the full site experience is enjoyable in all layouts and formats.

Package Design

To ensure that all products we’re given the proper Lifeform touch, we created custom boxes, labels and, POP displays for the brand. Some materials and elements used to create the packaging including custom die-cut shapes, smooth matte coating, and a rich Pantone gold tone to make the logo stand out even more.

With the branding, site, and packaging created, it was only natural that we created some amazing content for Surya to greet the world with.

Product Photography

Professional product photography for Surya helped ensure that the high-quality of packaging , product, and label we’re showcased in their best light.

Content Creation

With the full suite of graphics and branding completed for Surya, the final step was creating amazing and inviting content for use across a variety of social platforms.

Graphic templates for Canva, lifestyle/editorial photography for Instagram & Facebook, phone wallpapers, and fun brand graphics were just some of the many things Lifeform created to bring the “Sun To Soul” culture of Surya Care to life.

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