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Hardwired Productions

Hardwired provides the Southwest event industry with full-scale lighting and stage production. We created a brand to help convey both their knowledge of the technology involved, and industrial elements utilized within their stage set-ups & production. As they grow the brand throughout the Southwest and wider US market, Lifeform aims to assist them with all their design needs.

Services Provided:

Brand Development

Taking influence from the many construction materials and production elements that go into stages and event was our guiding force. Connection points and overlapping elements mimic a unique stage/trussing structure while also playfully incorporating the companies HW initials into the mark.

The result is a light and open design that still invokes a strong/rigid feel with the vertical and angled lines and end points. The mark also has great flexibility for many brand use-cases and is instantly recognizable at the smallest of sizes.

Whether it’s printed, embroidered, projected or etched, the Hardwired logo is built for a consistent appearance across the board. Color is also a key element to the identity, and the blue/teal gradient is used throughout many branding/collateral pieces to give them an electrifying feel.

Hardwired Website

Website Design

The two main needs for the Hardwired site are to showcase the many events and clients that they’ve worked with, as well as having a robust Rentals catalog to list all available items they have with multiple categories.

To reflect the technology packed, industrial world of event & stage production, our team created a bold, modular “dark mode” design for their brand that brings pops of color and clean monochrome images throughout the many pages of the site.


With a need to brand all boxes, containers, and rental hardware, we’ve create a  wide variety of decals, labels, inserts, stencils, and more in order to ensure easy tracking and consistent branding of all their gear & cases.

Hardwired Crew Gear

Hardwired is proud of their team and their brand so we’ve made sure to give them some great gear to wear as they build some of the biggest events in the US.

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