True REST Float Spa

As the floating industry has evolved over the past decade True REST has elevated itself as an industry leader through consistent brand experience and services within their 40+ locations.

Consumer Health Summit

Consumer Health Summit is a yearly meeting of leaders and entrepreneurs within the health & wellness industry. For their 20th Year of the event Lifeform had the pleasure to create their event book and print collateral for various usage within the event itself.

Genius Network

Lifeform helped create the main event book for Genius Network’s Annual Event focused around large scale ideas to help change the world through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Drip Drop Records

Drip Drop Records is an independent electronic record label based in Phoenix, Arizona. The brand objective was to create a mark that can be utilized within a variety of styles, colors and formats.

Blockchain Direct

Combining industry knowledge of direct marketing with the growing field of blockchain technology, Jeff Peoples book, Blockchain Direct, focuses on the emerging uses of the IoT (Internet of Things) within the direct marketing world.


As the Industry Leader In Elevator Lighting, Man-D-Tec has set the standard through great product design and consistent brand development throughout their past 30+ years of business.