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True REST Float Spa

As the floating industry has evolved over the past decade True REST has elevated itself as an industry leader through consistent brand experience and services within their 40+ locations.

Hardwired Productions

Hardwired provides the Southwest event industry with full-scale lighting and stage production. We created a brand to help convey both their knowledge of the technology involved, and industrial elements utilized within their stage set-ups & production.


Ethereal Wellness & Esthetics provides a heightened experience for their clients, and Lifeform created the branding to support their amazing spa experience.

Consumer Health Summit

A bi-annual meeting of leaders and entrepreneurs within the health & wellness industry.


Ediquette Cover

Ediquette Gourmet Edibles brings an elevated experience to the medical & recreational marijuana market in Arizona.

Genius Network

Lifeform helped create the main event book for Genius Network’s Annual Event focused around large scale ideas to help change the world through innovation and entrepreneurship.


Driflower provides hanging & drying systems for the industrial hemp industry.

MedTech AZ

MedTech specializes in mechanical & electrical medical equipment repair and services. They required bold branding to set them above their competition, and Lifeform was happy to jump to the task.

Blocks of Health

Blocks of Health aims to revolutionize the way people look at self health and personal growth through their online health platform and courses.